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Rowe AMI CD-100 Jukebox or my experience with a 300lb MP3 Player

Here I document some of the fun I had getting a Rowe CD-100A unit back online - I got the unit off craigs list for $100 fully working. It was missing the coin lock box door and the bill unit. This has been a long fun idea for the game room.

I also got crazy and didn't want to deal with CD ROM files as I own a lot of MP3's and the hassle of burning isn't interesting. So I got a MP3 conversion kit for the unit. This is a huge enhancement as arguably the largest problem with the CD100 is the delay in the jukebox "Rolodex" unit it takes 10-20 seconds from track to track and selecting new songs. This is not cool. With the MP3 unit its all instant. And I can have 99 tracks per CD so that is 9900 total tracks. Additional features are that the power for the hard disk comes from the service port. NOT the power supply so a lot of "power issues" go away. Since I am only powering the CCC and Stereo Amplifiers.

My install also needed two room sound.. now I could set up zones or extend speakers but I found a cheap e-bay auction for a wallbox for the CD-100 .. they make kits to use the "old classic wall box" with the new CD100 but that costs more cash all over the place, and my project budget was maxed. So I got a CD-WB unit off ebay. I set the unit to a dual volume control so that the wall box was on a separate volume then the main unit. I also had some spare wire and extended a reject button to the wall box so that in the other room I could easily cancel a song. The only downside to the wallbox is that it shows "255" on freeplay constantly, this is a bummer. I do have the latest ROMS for this unit.

The only other things I needed was new lamps for the "fancy spinning cd display" that makes it so iconic. Rather then replace the lamps or the unobtainable lamp covers. I got colored LED's from CoinTaker your looking for "type 86" bulbs. I purchased a handful in different colors. Additionally I replaced the fancy colored appliance incandescent with florescent colored bulbs for heat and power use. However I scrapped that idea and purchased the color LED strip that morphs in colors and mounted it allover the inside of the unit.. seriously cool and seriously updated the unit.

So with all my parts compiled I set to work cleaning and upgrading the unit.

While Upgrading the jukebox I got stuck in a error loop on boot-up. cycle in a "RAMTEST PASSED" and "CHECKSUM = xxx" ultimately because I was using a 512k chip not  1mb chip. However because of this journey I ran into the following data I wanted to catalog for Google. For new firmware/ROM you will need 32 pin IC socket and a 27C010-12 eprom (128x8) to function correctly. (You might already have this)

On my particular CCC I was unable to run the latest software 4.3 and had to stick with 4.1. Since I assume most bugs are around ca$h handling and features of newer units I am not too concerned.. the only feature's I needed was FIFO Buy Whole Album in free play. Which I might add isn't default, and also wasn't published in my printed FSM. Options that you need to change are as follows (55, free play 6992, Free Album, 691, Free Play FIFO, 67, tracks in a row to 99, and 65 must also be enabled which is default) I should also add that options that you likely want to change for non commercial use.. or home use are.. 20 attract mode off, autoplay time 41 to zero.

I also had issues while messing around with the lights of the system rebooting.. the following are the fixes to the CCC that help with this.

~ Lithium battery BT1, should be at least 2.7 volts or higher
~ Replace any blinking fluorescent lights and starters
~ Check for the following updates on the Central Control Computer board
1) Change C17 from .1uF to .01uF
2) Change R1 from 470 to 150 ohms
3) Change R2 from 330 to 100 ohms
4) Change R13 from 1K to 10K ohms
5) Change R37 from 150K to 470K ohms
6) Add .01uF cap (C40) across R91
7) Change R66 from 100 to 1K ohms
8) Add two 100 ohm resistors (R92 & R93) in series with Rowelink plug signals

There is public posting of the ROMS v4.0 me if you need what they don't post

Another fun update I was able to scrap the displays's and CD animation units as well as some other parts from about 6 other units. I also obtained a CD100-E unit, I upgraded my amplifier to the E unit that was better and had some modifications from the factory, I also upgraded a few other parts and obtained a spare CCC.

I have further details at my arcade page for this

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