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RSA Authentication Manager 8 and SDConf.rec file size increase

I don't post about work much any more, but this gem needs to be documented clearly. I work with RSA Authentication Manager a lot. I ran into a issue with Cisco Identity Services Engine ISE product 1.2 specifically (1.3 is out but no release notes show this was corrected) - this is a real pig of a GUI interface.

I had a ISE that was working with SecureID 7.x product, the upgrade to SecureID 8.x the ISE would not import the new sdconf.rec file. I tried a lot of ways and nothing. says the file was corrupt and sdconf was not valid.

After serious thinking I found that the GUI was using some java code to protect the file upload so that it met file name and size restrictions. With the upgrade to 8.0 the sdconf.rec file no longer adheres the lame requirements. But never fear.. here is the answer, thanks to a citrix community user who figured this out as well for citrix product.

Cause      Some partner products that integrate with SecurID evaluate the size of the sdconf.rec file.
Authentication Manager 8.x sdconf.rec file contains additional information than prior versions

Fix        Work around: The process below removes additional v8.x information from the sdconf.rec file.  Below are two extraction methods. You will need to adjust for proper file names for your environment. note the cisco ISE will only allow proper name of sdconf.rec (thanks for nothing cisco)

Windows Power Shell:
get-content sdconf8.rec -totalcount 1024 -encoding byte | set-content -encoding byte sdconf.rec

head -c 1024 sdconf.rec_v8 >sdconf.rec-1024

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