Arnold Sommerfeld: Science, Life and Turbulent Times by Michael Eckert

By Michael Eckert

the topic of the publication is a biography of the theoretical physicist Arnold Sommerfeld (1868-1951). even supposing Sommerfeld is legendary as a quantum theorist for the elaboration of the semi-classical atomic conception (Bohr-Sommerfeld version, Sommerfeld's fine-structure constant), his position within the heritage of contemporary physics isn't really restrained to atoms and quanta.
Sommerfeld left his mark within the historical past of arithmetic, fluid mechanics, a few actual subdisciplines and, specifically, as founding father of a best "school" (Peter Debye, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, Linus Pauling and Hans Bethe have been his students, to call simply the Nobel laureates between them). This biography is to a wide quantity in line with basic resource fabric (correspondence, diaries, unpublished manuscripts). it may be of specific curiosity to scholars who're willing to grasp extra in regards to the ancient roots of recent technology.
Sommerfeld lived via turbulent occasions of German heritage (Wilhelmian Empire, Weimar Republic, Nazi period). His lifestyles, as a result, illustrates how technology and scientists practice in altering social environments. From this attitude, the biography also needs to allure readers with a basic curiosity within the heritage of technological know-how and technology.

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