Mu-Ha-mmad Mut-Ha-Maat (Opening Of The Seven Seals Book 6) by Michael Meade

By Michael Meade

Amon Ra, R amons, Rh omons, Chi Rho, Kai Rho, Sol, Soul, Solomon, Sol Invictus, solar God

Ra or Rey in hieroglyphics used to be transliterated as King and the sunlight God and in Latin solar is Sol (Sol Invictus) or Soul.

Amun or Amon was once a big Egyptian God and after the uprising of Thebes opposed to the Hyksos and with the rule of thumb of Ahmose I (16th century BC), Amun/Amon bought nationwide significance, expressed in his fusion with the solar god, Ra, as Amon-Ra or Amon-Re.

When you fuse the sunlight God Ra with Amon you get Amon Ra, King Solomon. if you happen to fuse the solar God Ra with Amon you get the Ramons.

Synonyms of fuse are becoming a member of, uniting and marrying and Amon Ra was once fused to the sunlight God Ra, the nice Pharaoh, via marrying his daughter.

The Egyptian Goddess Mut on the other hand Maut was once the daughter of the sunlight God Ra and her husband used to be the God Amun, sometimes called Amon and Amen who used to be a tremendous Egyptian and Berber deity.

The Egyptian Goddess Mut or Maut, which intended mom within the historic Egyptian language, was once worshipped in Thebes (Niwt-imn, urban of Zeus) throughout the outdated state, the 3rd via 6th dynasties dated among 2,686 to 2,134 BCE.

Maat, like Mut used to be additionally the daughter of the Egyptian sunlight God Ra, the nice Pharaoh.

The Egyptian Goddess Maat and the Egyptian Goddess Mut on the other hand suggested Maut have been the daughter of the sunlight God Ra. Maat and Mut have been an identical goddess worshipped in Thebes, Egypt and married to the God Amon, Amon Ra.

When you mix the identify Mut with Maat you get Mut Maat.

The ultimate a part of the equation is the “Ha” in among Mut and Maat to get the identify Mut Ha Maat, Muhammad.

The “Ha” in historic Egypt was once the sum of the 5 physique elements referred to as the “Soul”.

Ha in Arabic, used as a suffix shows ownership, that the noun marked with the suffix belongs to a selected masculine possessor like while God within the Bible further the “Ha” in the midst of Abram and he turned Abharam. Abharam was once the daddy of the Kaaba, the Masjid Al Haram, the daddy of the Harem; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. in case you upload “Ha” in the course of the names Mut and Maat you get Mut Ha Maat and or Muhammad.

He is the 5th letter of the Semitic abjads, together with Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac and in Arabic Ha. Its sound price is a unvoiced glottal fricative coming from Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

He (Ha in Arabic) is frequently used to symbolize the identify of God, as He stands for Hashem, this means that, “The identify” and is a fashion of claiming God with no asserting the identify of God.

When Thebes, in the community referred to as Waset, rose to nice prominence, the goddess Mut who used to be worshipped there absorbed warrior goddesses as a few of her facets first turning into Mut-Wadjet-Bast then Mut-Sekhmet-Bast, then she absorbed Menhit, changing into Mut-Sekhmet-Bast-Menhit and Mut-Nekhbet. The Egyptian Goddess Mut eventually absorbed the goddess Maat and have become MutHaMaat.

The Ha sickle formed letter in Arabic represents God within the type of the Auroch Bull Horn letter you spot above Mosques, on Islamic Flags and the Flag of the Soviet Union in Mosque Cow.

Maat used to be either the goddess and the personification of fact and justice and her ostrich feather represented the reality within the, “Weighing of the guts” ceremony.

Pharaohs have been frequently depicted with the logos of Maat (truth, justice, and goodness) to stress their function in upholding the legislation of the author beginning as a ways again within the previous nation, circa 2375 BCE.

Amon-Ra (who used to be fused or married to Maat/Mut the daughter of Ra) from the sixteenth to eleventh centuries BCE held the location of transcendental, self-created author deity "par excellence", he was once the champion of the terrible or stricken and valuable to private piety.

The solar God Ra or Rey (in Latin the sunlight is Sol, or Soul, the solar God Sol Invictus) used to be the King and is correctly transliterated from the older Egyptian Hieroglyphics into Greek because the Rho letter in Pharaoh. Amon Ra/Solomon turned the Ramons and whilst transliterated into Gree

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