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New Version of WebPower 1.10

New features are added to the WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher!

The biggest improvement is that I have added physical controls for the real world. The first is a analog sensor for monitoring voltages or more specific light sensor to monitor the presence of a LED that is indicating a device is powered on... this is specifically important for devices that use pulsed relays. I have built in the functions for two such sensors and disabled them by default.

The next feature was the ability to control the on-off functions manually when your next to the device.. I wanted something that would power on the devices in order. So if there is a boot up sequence I could turn on my radio gear quickly with out the use of a webpage. Pressing the On button multiple times will turn on each relay in order, note that if you have a pulse relay the current version isn't monitoring for that and thus will latch a pulse relay. I will correct this later, or you can workaround by simply putting that relay as your last relay and being careful not to latch it.

The off button will reverse of the on button, something like a rocker switch would work nice for this..

I do recommend using a pull-down resistors well as remember to shield the use of analog pins, test this in your environment. I used 10kOhm pull-down resistors to keep the pins quiet. This was some dirty code I put in a lazy debounce and I'm sure there is a better way.. if you have input let me know!

You can get the code back on the main page for this project.


Example of a Analog Sensor with a pull-down resistor (10Kohm for example)

Example of a Analog push button for the on/off switch with a pull-down resistor (10Kohm for example)


WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher

In a quest to operate my ham radio shack remotely, one thing I needed to accomplish was remote power for various devices. I have looked into multiple solutions however they are expensive and normally don't fit the bill just as I need them to. My requirements for this project..
1) Cheap, 2) Easy, 3) Flexible

I had a few spare Arduino's sitting around with a few EthernetPiggy boards. So thats the cheap part, priced out on ebay for $20 you can pick up the pair of boards from China, double check! Additionally I looked into some of the pre-made units. For example West Mountian Radios Rigrunner. Real nice unit, but the price is a little hot and with a limit of four ports and 40A on the DC circuit I am a bit limited in flexibility. Then you have the AC only version, the web power switch Also the most affordable way to go about it I have found. Same with the OpenSource Hardware ProjectWebPower Strip, however the quality manufactured version is highly preferred to this messy looking thing.

So back to the Arduino, I had it here in a junk box, I also had some 2-Channel Relay boards.. that are Optioisoloated real nice units. sitting in the junk box (more on why this is cool later)

After some toying around I came to the conclusion that the Webduino Library was the best for the situation, allowing POST and Auth with no effort from myself. About 30 hours of programming later, some help from jQuery.. I have a version 1.0!.

WebPower Screenshot


Max’s First Ham Radio!

I found this old General Radio 1001-A Signal Generator at the Mike and Key Swap, got it for $10 bucks. With the idea of making Max a radio to play with. It turned out perfect. I made all the knobs potentiometers so that it makes the needle swing all over. And the switch turns on the red light. I have future plans to add a simple audio tone generator and use the dial to adjust the tone. Additional add-on features are actually hooking the microphone into a FRS radio so he has a base station to call mommy from!

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Hacking gogo inflight wireless

So I was stuck on an aircraft today and went to use the gogo service. The server forauth was failing so that wasn't fun but didgive me a reason to see what I could do about it.

After some time messing around in the domain space I quickly noticed that a errorpage in https had a we are sorry icon from a cache provider which let me to test something

Https google ...
Works! I was able to google around read the news, ah-ha but not gmail.

On to another test ..Facebook. Interesting this time I get a advertisement kick upfrom google again and a catptcha. But then redirect to Facebook proper.

So what can you learn from this... No I didn't hack gogo I just used that for a googlehit. They are on purpose allowing access to these things as obvious with the advertisementredirect... Oh well it was a good use of an hour and for a second I felt like I hackedsomething cool.

Back to the apache dump page ...

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meterpreter metasploit and windows7 UAC scripts - UAC "killer" -getcountermeasure>

I just spent the last 9 hours making this work, hope you like it

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for the last week I have noticed that my Internet router was going nuts. I didn'treally care much about it as my www server is on a firewalled network separate fromthe rest of the crap; but today I finally was like OK enough of this. Went into theserver to see whats up.

I had over 600mb of ftp logs!

So just as a FYI, I dont name any account administrator the 1 million passwords thatyou tried there was a waste except if you want to fill my disk up with logs.

I am all for the fun of seeing how secure shit is, but my internet connection isn'tthe best and lately I have noticed that my netflix on-demand keeps showing poor connection,I dont know if you …hacker… are the cause of this but I like my moviesbetter then I like to see if Im smarter then you. So FTP is now dead to you. So aseverything is bigger in Texas I hope you can find another address to play with.

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webslayer omg bbq

I just found a new tool on OWASP site webslayer,this tool is only w32 right now, which bites but the tool is AWESOME!

the payload generator is awesome, as well as the complex rules you can quickly defineto test a site. 31337

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Slurp Slurp USB to gather good data

Im sure we all know of slurping by now but I just came across this site for windowscommand ninja skills. with that I took the time to update my slurp tool with somehacks I just didnt think about using. As well as some uses for NET that I didnt knowabout.

I have attached a copy of one of the slurp scripts I run, your milage will vary butyou should get a lots of Ideas from it if you know whats going down. (I also justfixed that my server wasnt serving up batch files)

File Attachment:slurp.bat (14 KB)

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Kiosk haha

Here is a fun thing I just ran into. Kiosk with usb port but a custom keyboard with no buttons to get into things (no start alt ctl del etc) and no explorer.exe shell so I cant "hack" this kiosk.. haha

why try the hard things to get into the device, BYOUSBK that is bring your own usbkeyboard, I like the roll up ones plug it in and have some fun haha.

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ShoreTel RTP Traffic

ShoreTel Phone system 8.0 recently put L16/256"Linear Broadband 256kbps" as the default #1 codec to use phone to phone, Howeverthe newest copy of Cain will not identify this as a call - I assume its because ofthe bandwidth used. Now you can change the server to not use this bandwidth and keepon the 128k but for my current classroom material and pentesting this isn't a plausiblecase. I would like cain to auto-magically detect and dump the 256k stream.

Name/ Clock/ Bandwidth/ Description
L16 256/ 16000/ 256 Kbps/ Linear 16-bit Audio 256 Kbps

update: here is the handshake data with info

t=0 0
m=audio 5004 RTP/AVP 110
a=rtpmap:110 LRWB/16000

update2: cain now supports this codec,wireshark get this on the dev I cant find anywhere to request this.

I also put the notes into NetworkObserver


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