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New Version of WebPower 1.20

New features are added to the WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher!

The biggest improvement is that I have added enhancements from the comments from Franck and Olli.

  • Updated the latch relays to be more user friendly, they now display only a single button and no - on/off text
  • updated the status page cache control with positive testing for me


the code is available at the main page WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher  ‎

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Tuning enhancements for tube amplifiers

AL-1500 2B

Having switched to a solid state ham radio amp a year ago I haven't looked back on the days of having to pre-tune up an amplifier, however today on QRZ I saw on a for sale add by K2ZLS where he had Tuning enhancements for tube amplifiers he used some small color stickers (Avery® 5795 Round 1/4" Diameter Color Coding Labels, Assorted Colors) then when you tune up your amp on each band.. place the color corresponding on the band indicator and on the plate and load dials. easy quick tuning. For color blind just mark your red's and green's with a cross or something. Way cool Idea.. wish I would have done this.. stole his idea and blogged it to pass it on!

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New Version of WebPower 1.10

New features are added to the WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher!

The biggest improvement is that I have added physical controls for the real world. The first is a analog sensor for monitoring voltages or more specific light sensor to monitor the presence of a LED that is indicating a device is powered on... this is specifically important for devices that use pulsed relays. I have built in the functions for two such sensors and disabled them by default.

The next feature was the ability to control the on-off functions manually when your next to the device.. I wanted something that would power on the devices in order. So if there is a boot up sequence I could turn on my radio gear quickly with out the use of a webpage. Pressing the On button multiple times will turn on each relay in order, note that if you have a pulse relay the current version isn't monitoring for that and thus will latch a pulse relay. I will correct this later, or you can workaround by simply putting that relay as your last relay and being careful not to latch it.

The off button will reverse of the on button, something like a rocker switch would work nice for this..

I do recommend using a pull-down resistors well as remember to shield the use of analog pins, test this in your environment. I used 10kOhm pull-down resistors to keep the pins quiet. This was some dirty code I put in a lazy debounce and I'm sure there is a better way.. if you have input let me know!

You can get the code back on the main page for this project.


Example of a Analog Sensor with a pull-down resistor (10Kohm for example)

Example of a Analog push button for the on/off switch with a pull-down resistor (10Kohm for example)


WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher

In a quest to operate my ham radio shack remotely, one thing I needed to accomplish was remote power for various devices. I have looked into multiple solutions however they are expensive and normally don't fit the bill just as I need them to. My requirements for this project..
1) Cheap, 2) Easy, 3) Flexible

I had a few spare Arduino's sitting around with a few EthernetPiggy boards. So thats the cheap part, priced out on ebay for $20 you can pick up the pair of boards from China, double check! Additionally I looked into some of the pre-made units. For example West Mountian Radios Rigrunner. Real nice unit, but the price is a little hot and with a limit of four ports and 40A on the DC circuit I am a bit limited in flexibility. Then you have the AC only version, the web power switch Also the most affordable way to go about it I have found. Same with the OpenSource Hardware ProjectWebPower Strip, however the quality manufactured version is highly preferred to this messy looking thing.

So back to the Arduino, I had it here in a junk box, I also had some 2-Channel Relay boards.. that are Optioisoloated real nice units. sitting in the junk box (more on why this is cool later)

After some toying around I came to the conclusion that the Webduino Library was the best for the situation, allowing POST and Auth with no effort from myself. About 30 hours of programming later, some help from jQuery.. I have a version 1.0!.

WebPower Screenshot


Max’s First Ham Radio!

I found this old General Radio 1001-A Signal Generator at the Mike and Key Swap, got it for $10 bucks. With the idea of making Max a radio to play with. It turned out perfect. I made all the knobs potentiometers so that it makes the needle swing all over. And the switch turns on the red light. I have future plans to add a simple audio tone generator and use the dial to adjust the tone. Additional add-on features are actually hooking the microphone into a FRS radio so he has a base station to call mommy from!

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Way cool iPad keyboard!

So I have been a big fan of Kickstarter and finally found a project I could sucker into! This looks way cool and I am sup excited to get one!


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Better then Duct Tape?

since owning a home I have come across a few products that never leave my tool box.Thought it would be a good blog post. Since our grandpa's days WD40 and Duct Tapeare the staples right? well I do like WD40 but I have hated duct tape forever, havinghad the background in sound and light I learned of gafferstape early on, I have no idea why you use that nasty duct tape ever. I feel itsa new era for tool box products to become staples so I give you my must own list ofnew products I have found.

SiliconTape - amazing stuff really its tape that only bonds to its self, creates a supercrazy tight bond and shrinks as it cures. This stuff is basically required when youwant to repair anything in a quick fix. it will repair a burst pipe, hose clamp, toolyou name it if you can wrap a bandage like seal around it this will hold it till youcan repair it, must have for an old truck tool box. wont dry out or get nasty in heatlike PVC tape. Its nothing new just new to me since owning a house. its never cheapbuy it on ebay or the likes.

AluminumFlashing Butyl Tape) - This actually single handed replaced duct tape for me..this actually is. duct tape. I found it when repairing duct leaks in my house itsamazing sticky as heck, strong (not for load bearing) I use this in automotive, electrical,appliances, touch up work, you name it . this stuff rocks and its cheap! recommendany home store for it.

Peel& Seal - actually what got me to blog this, just found this stuff today. Amazingstuff aluminum backed rubberized asphalt. This stuff is amazing stick it on and watertight seal is formed! I actually purchased this as a cheap alternative for DynaMatthe sound deadener product that sells for 4 bucks a sq foot to a dealer. this wasmuch cheaper and its the same thing! I will also be using this on the roof of my camperto make a poor man repair to a leak but I feel it will be a great tool for the job.It wont go on when its cold out so not the best for winter repairs but if your cheapand want to fix a leaky area in the roof that is small this stuff is awesome for is also handy to use as glue or just real good tape that wont ever come off

Heat Gun - this item isn't new to home ownership but let me tell you I use a heatgun on just about every project any more. Trying to loosen a bolt, apply any of thetape I have listed here. Dry Paint. dry out a wall, cook pop corn (yes I tried andit works) for 30 bucks its worth the investment.

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Sharp Atomic Clock Instructions and Manual

I have a Sharp SPC373 Atomic clock every 2 years the batteries die and I can never find the manual when I need it. When I google this topic I just find people looking for the Manual. So google here is your answer. I dug up my manual and will paraphrase the most common stuff here.

Remote Temperature: Important note install the batteries in the remote sensor first, before you install batteries in the clock.  if the sensor will not detect you need to manually search for the sensor. Make sure the channel settings are correct on the remote sensor and the clock (Default Ch1) Press and hold the Test Button, the channel display will blink. If you still cant get it to work try it in the same room. If it still wont work. Press The reset button on the clock and sensor then try again. If it still wont work buy a new clock.

Set the Time Zone: press Time button once to view current zone, pressup or down to change the zone, press the Time Button to exit the setting mode.

Set Time and Date: press the Time or Month/Day button for 3 secondsto set. use up and down to change value

Radio Control Time:Once the batteries are installed in the clockthe clock will begin to seek out the signal to update the time this will take 5–8minutes if 8 minutes has gone by recommend setting time manually. Otherwise you canpress the Receive button to tell the clock to seek the NIST WWVB signal. The clockwill only search for signal at night automatically @17:00 and 02:00.   If the radio icon is flashing in the clock area the signal is received ok, if noneor part of the icon is showing the signal is poor or not working correctly (the iconis a satalight looking thing with 5 ‘radials’ that blip towards the mainicon), relocate your clock or try later. It is recommend to set the clock manuallythen let the automatic control take over.

the 12/24 button will set ‘military time’ the Min/Max button will showthe current min or max temp on record for the sensors. The Alert button is for settinga alarm to the temperature sensors, note that the time alarm must also be on for thetemperature alarm to activate.

if something is not clear I can re-phrase from the original guide or fix it here,just comment or email.

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script for shutdown of servers using psshutdown

I created a script to shutdown servers, but I had a requirement I didnt find in anyother script that I could swipe on the internet.

I needed the ability to power down two classes of servers critical servers and noncritical servers.

The scenario given that if you have limited AC you want to shut down everything thatisn't critical, but if your on UPS then you want to shut it all down (if you donthave a generator). So this scrip was created in a batch file using psshutdown. Allyou need to do is put all your critical and non-critical servers in a list file downloadthe psshutdown tool from Microsoft and pound away.

FileAttachment: Emergency-Shutdown.bat.txt 1.0 (4 KB)

the file will work from the command line or a menu driven options, I have also putrough code comments in for changing the batch file to hard-code the password if yourcrazy like that.

let me know if you find anything cool to change otherwise its as-is, be careful whenyou test!

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netflix roku update

the netflix roku just got a software update, its AWESOME. I now get DVD quality or better footage from the unit even with my lame ass internet (Qwest come on) if you have the device reboot it, if you dont have it go get one from netflix its 100% worth the 99$

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