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backup or transfer MSSQL users logins and passwords

I always seem to loose these KB’s when I’m building a dev server and need to backup or transfer or export the MS-SQL accounts. Here is the kb for sql7.x and sql 2005

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Restrict Reply to all and Foward with Outlook

I ran across a fun post for a way to disable the reply to all, and forward abilitywith emails. How many times have you forward out something like “server willbe down” and you get 3 reply all’s “looks like kelly is actuallyworking today”, “haha yea kelly must have called the nerd herd”

useVBA to disable the reply to all and forward

Prevent Replyto all and forward with custom form

here is a copy of scotts post (just as a local copy)


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Email Load Tester / SPAM Bot

So I was

working on a script to spam a fellow classmate in a recent email proxy class I was attending,  did some searching for a Email Load Tester and found thisguys script which uses netcat topass values onto port 25 with javascript. However for the class I needed more spamlike activity, so I added random characters to the subject and body. I also wantedto test out on servers that need auth, so I added a base64 encoder. The script isas user friendly as I could make it, commented here and there.

you can save this script down as a email.js and run with cscript aka 'cscript email.js'from command line.

Usual terms apply, this isn't for illegal activity, anything you damage or break isyour own fault and not the publisher of the code. Use at your own risk, blog ownerassumes no responsibility for your doings. May cause vomiting or bowl discomfort.If so then stop using code immediately and find a potty.

If you want multi threaded emails run more then one copy at once, I haven't had thetime or care to multi thread the script.

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multi boot laptop with encryption

Now that I have a multi boot with WindowsXP, Ubuntu, BackTrack2 security was an issue. First installed windows then used gaprtedboot disk to separate 3 primary and 1 expanded.  I have PGP watching windowsby expanding the drive (in PGP desktop) and clicking on the C: partition and encryptingthat. Then installing ubuntu in partition 2. Then using this guideto encrypt redirected /home to partition 3. the expanded disk was then used fora bootof BackTrack2 with this tip sheet and swap. So in the end I have all three OS'srunning with PGP login at boot, then grub, then OS. here is my grub

title           Microsoft WindowsXP Professional
root            (hd0,0)
chainloader     +1

title           Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.20-16-generic
root            (hd0,1)
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-16-genericroot=UUID=0dd29d80-088f-47c6-b8$
initrd          /boot/initrd.img-2.6.20-16-generic

title           BackTrack2
rootnoverify    (hd0,6)
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz vga=791root=/dev/sda7

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Tag that party a sucess

One of the best last minuet party ideas my friends and i had was a “name tagparty” what is that?

  • get a shitload of name tags you know the “hello my name is” type
  • get some black lights
  • get some highlighters
  • premake funny name tags like “call me at 555–1212” or “i liketacos” or “i’m single” or “may contain small parts”
  • stick them randomly to people as they enter the party

The idea is that you can only read them in the black light and they glow bright soyou can read across the room. Put the black lights in common area. Get real creativeand it will be a super super hit. We took this to a bar in Canada once with blacklights and i had people coming up asking for tags. Hint for a huge party have like300 tags handy (for a 100–150 people party) you will waste a lot and loose them.If blacklights is not a possibility then just use a red/blue Sharpe.

Just a personal story on how good this was. We threw a party once and it was so goodthat the police busted us. On the violation it was noted “there were beer cansand stickers all over the floor” HA!

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cocktail party, fun to say and do

This party idea is good for the spin off to a formal party.

  • formal attire, we are talking 50/60’s formal party so tux and dress is a must
  • think casablanca in the 2000’s and theme with some random old ass bar music
  • mix cheap drinks like apple martinis and cosmopolitan and fuzzy navel things thata 1/2 gallon of vodka and some mixers can take care of (helps the cost)
  • no beer
  • have a bar with stools and some of them little french patio tables indoors
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40oz White Elephant party

Ever need a different Christmas party idea? Try the “40oz white elephant”

  • everyone buys a 40 and puts it in a brown bag “bum style”
  • at the party you $g(white elephant gift exchange)
  • optional byob (bring your own box) to sit in/on/sleep the night off
  • bum wear optional


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Archive of Propaganda Films

Keeping the RSS feeds popping thought i would send out a link to a collection of oldUS government propaganda films. Since this is all open source and paid for by thepeople we all own this. Therefor you can use it in your own video editing. Some ofthe old bomb video is good for anything. What about the flicks like sally isn't totouch boys. Good stuff

Old Government films

Old computercommercials

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How to Throw A CEO’s and office Hoe’s Party

I had a few thoughts on tips for people wanting to throw a CEOand office Hoe party.

  • Dress Up as a CEO or a “Office Hoe” – key word no jeans
  • Have nametags with funny names for the office
  • play office space on the break room tv
  • have a ‘supply room’
  • if you happen to have access to a copy machine put that in the main party room
  • water cooler of beer /mixed drink
  • provide notepads for notes
  • have tps reports
  • have HR give out sexual harassment letters
  • use all desk chairs as seating
  • have the bar be in a fake cube
  • all drinks served form coffee mugs
  • put the party notice on a tps report or a “memo”
  • put post it notes with a pen somewhere and stick some up early with “this party sucks”or something it will be fun if it catches on – when clean up comes you can laugh thenext day
  • insist on recycling
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First Post

gotta have the First Post


This is the new code for I chose to use the DasBlog asp.netsource. with a work space here itsnice easy setup just edit xml for the major options. I chose this because i wanteda ASP solution that would run on IIS and have no database back end. This was comparedto .text which I didn't like as much.