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Fix up your pc without me!

So the other day I was trying to remove windows update junk files and ran into this little application, slimcleaner. It's a rare, and functional nifty application. 
Not only will this do a rather awesome job at finding just about everything I can think of to remove that is temporarary. It will also look at everything you have and rate it for "community trustworthiness" very awesome.
If your pc is slow or just needs a sprucing up I highly recommend running this application and run everything on it that is "easy or normal user" if you see it report that you have risky software remove it!
One word of warning this software makes money with a partnership with other people when you install it they ask if you want to install AVG browser bar. Well I'm sure this is handy software please be aware this could slow you down and to decline the install of such software if your don't want it.


cisco VPN client and windows trouble shooting

Seems that the Cisco VPN client is alwayscausing issues. I found a cool page today about cleaning up and upgrading the DNEor Deterministic Network Adaptor. Basically this tool allows (cisco) to find out whichadaptor in your computer is currently attached to a network and not use the others.

so with out further..

make sure to take note of the winfix toolto clean up the existing DNE problems

And no this will not help with the CiscoVPN client and windows x64 bit issues. Cisco no longer supports the good old IPSECclient in 64 bit (actually no major vendor supports that) they have all gone to SSLVPN, in the case of Cisco you need to look at the AnyConnect Client. And no it wontconnect to the 3000 or 5000 VPN concentrators. You need to buy a new ASA 5500.

However never loose hope hascreated a client that will work for you, and if you landed here because you just cantget Cisco Client working.. use that one!

Other things to note that the AnyConnectClient isnt a GRE.IPSEC tunnel that means that if you use UDP your packets are convertedto TCP for the SSL protocol. If you care, Juniper SSL VPN technology is the best ofit all. The IVE or SSL appliances will connect with what they call AnyConnect it will try and use GRE first then fail back to SSL if it cant do it.

Happy Networking.


server 2008 printer offline

if you get pissed off with server 2008 and your printer going offline, check SNMP to your printer. on the TCP port for the printer on your print server there is a check box “manage printer offline with SNMP” if your printer isnt listening or community string isnt correct this will cause the printer to stay offline all the time PAIN. likely also a vista issue.

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Whats Wrong with Windows 7 in the office place.

Im going on record here, as I think I have some ground breaking news for microsoft.I just finished playing around with a copy of windows 7 and I have this to say…

“Why do I have any need to use windows 7”

Its a waste of time, here is what I see in windows 7 a bunch of speedy bloated operatingsystem toys for multimedia users and kids. Windows7 Serves no purpose in a enterpriseenvironment.

I might be proven wrong but I dont see any reason for enterprise to upgrade to anyOS other then being forced. Why as a IT director would I ever want to start installinga mess of OS that is new bigger and has the word “store in my media vault”all over it. Poo on windows 7. My operating system is meant to do one thing …providea API to hardware for my applications. If I wanted something that poped shot fireworksand plays videos I would buy a Mac and never get any work done with it..


Message to microsoft …stop making enterprise tools bubbley. its work. not aplace for a 4 year old to print pictures and send them to grandma.

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drop the netbios hell in XP

When you run explorer and its using mapped drives or printers, there is a lot of crapnetwork traffic that hangs up the kernel and your experence with your OS in here is a tip that I never bloged about. Disable the qutomatic query for networkresources. This will speed up your work PC a bit if your a poweruser.


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Server 2008 GUI SUCKS

So you might have noticed that my websites have been having issues lately. This isbecause my old ProLiant1850 finally got too old to play anymore rainder games. Soin a quick chop chop, I took a trusty old P4B motherboard and put Server 2008 on it.

Now server 2008 has a lot of bad ass features, I really like core forexample. And the new options for managment for IIS-Apps, or the new schedualed taskmanager. etc etc..

However the thing that ties them all into one package the GUI what a total waste oftime. I cant express how much I hate, dislike, or generally spit in the directionof the 2008–vista-GUI

I dont know what ass at Microsoft decided to change server to match the WindowsMEthat vista is. When I get on a server and want to add a user for some testing I dontwant some Lame ass GUI vista windowsME looking user add control panel, I want rightclick on my computer – system manage and add a user like we have for 9 yearsnow. WHY MICROSOFT WHY. This only scratches my hate for this new interface.

Anyway I wanted to rant just for server 2010 when it releases Microsoft, Please goback to the UI that we have all learned to use in our sleep and not force admins touse fluffy wizards and crap ass MMC’s that are bulky and slow. I hope you googleand find me.

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Unlock Windows with no Password

So lets pose a problem, you have a computer with encrypted HDD and you cant reboot the PC. Or a comptuer has something worth getting in memory (encryption key) and you want it. But the computer is locked. well you can now hack this.

winlockpwn -tool to connect to windows with firewire and inject a dll hack into memory to bypasspasswords on the "windows lock screen" and allow you access to windows with no passwordwhen locked.

if your not a linux power user, or just want to cheat here is a setupquide and if you use backtrack here is a postabout it.

So a lot of people say it works, I agree that it will - it uses dll hacking for passwords,you can dothis with the computer powered off orjust hack it

so what did I get, nothing...

i get this error

IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

from, line 693: "If a node doesn't feel like fulfilling a request, itwill raise an IOError."

now if you unplug the fw and plug it back in repeatedly running the script it willstart scanning memory only to end with a device busy

seems that the "money time" is when the device is detected as a "Hard Drive" you startscanning the memory at that point. then the ipod comes in and all work ends

same issue on two computers

but who's to say Im just odd.


I got it to work, who knows if I was sleepy or a reboot fixed it. But when I poweredup. Started from "step 5" and followed steps exactly.

Dell630 fully patched on the domain and it worked! I had full access as advertised.

something I noticed was that this morning businfo has 1 on the node 0 and not 0 forall the data it spits out on what will and wont work.


Microsoft Exchange, AD and 2008 posters

I saw this poster the other day about Exchange 2007 from TechNet turns out they published them. If your a m$ person this is worth downloading and printing (or trying to print and jamming up your printer buffer)

ExchangeServer 2007 Component Architecture
ActiveDirectory Component Jigsaw Poster
WindowsServer 2008 Component Poster

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Visual Studio 2008

One thing I love about MSDN subscriptions is the ability to get Visual Studio. NowI dont program much but I did have a lot of fun with VB back in the day and when VS2002went to .net I must admit that I lost interest as the code changed a lot.

Then comes VS2005 with all its cool context help.

Then comes VS2008, I must say this is the most impressive dev studio I have ever seen.Just like office2007 and ability to think what I want before I want. VS08 allows someonewho just knows how to program, convert to .net and program up things that are awesome.Seriously the context help and auto-complete in VS2008 are way cool. If you are aprogrammer or have MSDN and did old c or vb then check out the new application itsworth the time.



I just found out that quickbasic is public domain. I learned to program with qbasic way back in grade school. Time to dig up some of my old programs, but I couldnt afford the version with the compiler.