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a good movie?


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matt mcgovern in the credits of a blockbuster


G-Force Credits yes this wasthe Matt McSack we all know and love. Im proud of you McSack.

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The first of …one-million trips to the hardware store -Fire and Locks

So if you don't know, We will get the keys to our new home in about 2 days. This is a new chapter in which will get a new section on the nerd blog for HomeOwnership. I will share the blood sweat and tears and the nerd about owning a house.

Today I spend my first $200 dollars at home depot.. Kelly what can you do with 200dollars you ask? You might think I could buy a 2m/440 antenna I have been wanting... nope. I purchased two deadbolts with matching door handles, and 3 smoke alarms.

Now you might know that I am big on lock security, I have found a cool item from KwickSetlocks, which formally I am not a fan of. But they have these new ANSI1-BumpProtectionLocks that are real smooth, I read some of the lock-picking notes onthem and peoplesay they are good and at least "worthy of a bump stop logo" good enough for me. Butwhat really sold me was that I can rekey the locks myself with just a new key. Thisis real smooth as I can now give out keys loose keys and add doors with no locksmithfor re-key or problems of security.

My new Smokedetectors took up the remaning 100 of my trip, I got 2 units for hallway use withAC backup, and one CO/Fire unit with AC and backup. I chose these units because thetwo I can put in the 1st floor and wire them in the attic, the CO/Fire I can try tofigure out how to wire near the furnace in the basement. It will be a real pain towire up for sure, but I feel the extra value of having two floor alarming to be alarge benifit. Also if I can hardwire them I can ignore the 9volts and steal themfor a emergency electronic project.  I do know that the consumer (Homedepot)CO2 detectors are not anywhere as good as the professional ones, I will have to lookinto that for the future if we ever have kids (7 years katie) BTW did you know thatthe CO2 detectors are only good for 5-7 years if they start chirping for no reasonthey are dead. I think fire is the same way, I never knew that I just whacked themin my last apartment till they shutup.

They have wireless units that will alarm in synch wireless, but my problem there iswith HF/VHF radios I dont want my damn fire alarms popping in when I do finally finishthat radio project.

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[movie] Gran Torino

Grand Tourino a movie about the life of a car, or the life of a old tired man, or some greedy kids, or some new neighbors. This move is the first I have bloged about for some time. That is because, no movie as actually made me say …woah, that was a good f*n movie. I really liked every plot, sub plot, side story and theme to this movie. I cant say enough. I do hope this was Clint’s last move ever because if your going to go out looking like a bad ass - I would die with this as my last bit of artistic work.

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[movie] Action Movies that SUCK

so its been a while since a movie review, things that dont suck were Juno, if youhavent seen it then watch it. But this blog post is about action movies that suck.

Spiderman 3 - what the hell was this? suck suck suck

Superman Returns - yawn, was this a action movie or a boring PBS drama?

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Browser Plug-In’s

I wanted to make a list of browser plug-ins that I use and find quite importantto security and daily ops work.

First, for IE (I accidently upgraded to 7.0 and didn't feel like un-installing thebehemoth)

  • Bayden Systems' TamperIE offersHTTPS form-tampering
    • sort of a mac-daddy tamper application to change your post data on the fly, must have.
  • Microsoft's IEDeveloper Toolbar
    • Change values on the fly also get header info and more right away
  • Microsoft's IEPowertoys for WebDevs
    • was cool but appears the highlight and show source dont work with IE7, however stillworks for DOM data so I keep it.

Now the giant list for FireFox (where all the 31337 users are)

  • AdBlockPlus
    • This is like going from dial up to DSL, the internet all the sudden becomes “sweet”
  • BlogJet
    • This is also in my IE, its my blogger application
  • DOM Inspector
    • handy for webdev and de-construction
  • DownloadThemAll
    • I dont like to click and this is a price-less tool for saving clicks.
  • GoogleBrowserSynch
    • I dont like how big google is and I dont like the idea of google watching what I browse,this was just an interesting tool since I am on lots of computers, I just dont havethe guts to sign-in yet.
  • GoogleToolBar
    • this is a must, duh.
  • HttpHeaders
    • handy for webdev and de-construction
  • ModifyHeaders
    • handy for webdev and de-construction, and user-agent mods
  • NoScript
    • The only “security” leo laporte knows with out steve giving him a script. Handy forhacking things.
  • RefControl
    • spoof the referrer to the server.
  • PDF Download
    • sometime I like to download pdf’s sometimes I like to view them live, this lets mechoose.
  • Tamper Data
    • same as TemperIE but for zilla
  • ULRParms
    • Different type of TamperData type plugin
  • User Agent Switcher
  • WebDev
    • This tools is mostly a must for anyone, you can quickly shut on and off and mod partsof sites.

Update June2008:
some good hack tools


[movie] SuperBad

Watched superbad this weekend,it was awesome, reminded me of 80’s comedies but today. like porkeys, it was full of raunchy humor and funny times. good flick

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[movie] Stranger Then Fiction

Katie and i went to watch StrangerThen Fiction it was an awesome movie. I cant say enough good about this. I feel they did everything right. There was one goof and one pushed joke that i noticed but the movie was gold. well done. go watch it.

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[movie] borat

I watched the movie borat it was funny crap, I doubt I would watch it again. But worth watching once.They totally made fun of things that are out of the social norm. more then once I thought while watching the movie. Oh man. Worth the price of a movie or a rental. Not much more.

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[movie] Click

I finally got around to checking out a new movie. Click,this movie was a rip off of Miltiplicity witha few crappy jokes in the middle. I really think they could have had more fun withit. Like the movie ClickStoppers. I give it a “rent if there is nothing else” review.

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