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get back your folder.jpg files

I had a project today I needed access to the folder.jpg that various programs willmake with a CD as the album art.

From the root of your music drive or from the root of your music folder the DOS commandshould be "attrib folder.jpg -h -s /s" this will search all your subfolders and removethe -hidded and -system attributes.


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[music] HelloGoodBye

So long lost HellpGoodBye,we all rememberthe free LP they put out … 5 years ago. They finally got a full length. Sofar i have it one thumb up, mostly because every song is about relationships –come on guys that is so blink 182. anywhoo it still is poppy-punk-whatever. and Ilike it. dont get me wrong the lyrics are good, just reminds me of highschool. gobuy or download it from bittorrent. You know I did one of the two and it didnt involvegoing to a store to buy it.

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personal DJ

this is a cool site, who knows if its free for good but the idea and streaming musicis rad

music genome project

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beastie boys movie


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iGeneration. We are the.

Found a random artist named MC Lars hasa song called IGeneration you can download for ¡free! fun music, fun song, funny idea. CdHere

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This is so awesome Jon might actually buy XM now.

This is a “winamp” program that will stream XM no more need to run the IE window allday!! It also will pop up the song title IM style. It also links to MSN messengerfor the “now playing” its called XaMp thisis so cool.


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new toy

so i just got a newtoy its a Roland SP-808 this is the new generation (well in 1998 it was)to the TR-808 “the original” adds thingslike a 4–track recorder, synth, effects you know the usual-s. It can go off some sweetjumps too. anyway i doubt i will do much with it other then have tons of crazy soundeffects a button press away. but i surprised my self with how easy it was to makesome loops and remix some music. i just did a remix with a britney spears song. nexti need a table to cut and scratch some heavy tracks.

if you got here looking for nerdy news on them check out the roland808USers groupon yahoo groups its full of good information. the EX update and a FTP with the OEMbooks, videos and ZIP drives.

i am running the EX OS on my 808 with the upgraded 250zip. its very sweet.

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hello goodbye

i was watching mtv today (two post about mtv in one day, lame) anyway i saw a videofor hello goodbye (band) and i was likewoah i know them. My good buddy Scott Culver directeda video for them. Butits not the one on TV(click that link to up the rating on mtv please). so to officiallygive props to scott culver this link willget you to his site where you can watch what i feel is a better video then the oneon mtv right now not only was scott the first  but he was better. so if yourreading this and work at drive thru suggestionthat you get scotts video up. its so much better then the bland blah blah that isup there now. all the same the band is cool even if d.t.r. didn't put the better videoup. if you like pop-punk sounding stuff with some crazy keyboard (its good) listen.that was my plug for the day. hello goodbye the band is cool you can get free mp3download if you look on any p2p network and the music video is in divix if you lookon torrent sites. was that good for words to get scott culver attached to anythingthat is cool? yea i think so. your welcome Scott. I (heart) you.

Summary Scott Video good other MTV video not as good.

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One of the searches that i get all the time is “THIS IS THE POLICE THIS CLUBIS CLOSED” its a old techno song from 1997 erra. There is a few versions ofit I know, all of them are just rips of the popular clip of the time. so since Iget searched on it like mad i will provide the two I know of.

ATB -Ravegadget – This is as far as I know a “original”no idea for sure but I dont think ATB remixes others work a lot.

Still Looking – There is another that was remixed with the “da dum dadum”

Now playing: ATB - Ravegadget

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[music] Review of BloodHound Gang – Hefty Fine

Ok so I am giving a small music review of a Band that I have always liked – BloodHound Gang here is my professional review of the new CD. I am unhappy withthe change they have taken. BHG has been hanging out with CKY (BamMargera) too much. I dont like the goth-rock or whatever that CKY has and listening to the new BHG it reminds me of it too much. There is only about 4 tracks on the new CD that I feel live up to the older BHG stuff. They lost the fast rhymes for some of the tracks and there is just this weird rocking out that CKY has. I just hope that in the next CD they return to the funny fast rhyme music.

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