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how far things have come

I remember making this animated GIF back in 1998 and this page was "cool" it was usingthe most advanced code I could scrape up haha.


check out my webpage back in 1998 this was like revision 3 I know somewhere I have my first everpage that was live on the internet

just as an example if you think this is "crazy" and not correct for old internet didnt get created untill 2000, and this is what microsoft.comlooks like in 1998


you say wow that looks good compared to yours haha check out the Whitehouseofficial page see that book background! and check it out links to links!

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one for the dumb error’s


the fun part is the text in grey, the nerd part is I got the error when there wasno error?!

I didnt know Error means Failure Info Means Information and Warning means Warning,how helpfull they decoded that language for me.

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Whats Wrong with Windows 7 in the office place.

Im going on record here, as I think I have some ground breaking news for microsoft.I just finished playing around with a copy of windows 7 and I have this to say…

“Why do I have any need to use windows 7”

Its a waste of time, here is what I see in windows 7 a bunch of speedy bloated operatingsystem toys for multimedia users and kids. Windows7 Serves no purpose in a enterpriseenvironment.

I might be proven wrong but I dont see any reason for enterprise to upgrade to anyOS other then being forced. Why as a IT director would I ever want to start installinga mess of OS that is new bigger and has the word “store in my media vault”all over it. Poo on windows 7. My operating system is meant to do one thing …providea API to hardware for my applications. If I wanted something that poped shot fireworksand plays videos I would buy a Mac and never get any work done with it..


Message to microsoft …stop making enterprise tools bubbley. its work. not aplace for a 4 year old to print pictures and send them to grandma.

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back on the air

DSL is back in, I actually have faster upload speeds here so I should have a fasterpage.

Pictures of new house will be soon.

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ghost as a forensic image

here is a fun little read on the use of ghost as a forensic capture tool.

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get back your folder.jpg files

I had a project today I needed access to the folder.jpg that various programs willmake with a CD as the album art.

From the root of your music drive or from the root of your music folder the DOS commandshould be "attrib folder.jpg -h -s /s" this will search all your subfolders and removethe -hidded and -system attributes.


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firewall burrito

I heard someone use the term firewall burrito the other day, I have heard of a firewall sandwich. but whats next? A firewall Pizza? When I googled firewall burrito nothing came up at all… so I figured I would be the first post.

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decomposing data

So I had to pull out a copy of VB6 today to do some project work, hunted down a burnt CD with all my former projects (needed a bit of code I wrote years ago) I burned this cd in 1998. Well looks like the statute of limitations for 1's and 0's are up. I couldnt read 30% of the cd and with RoboCopy ittook about 30 min to copy out 100mb. a 4 meg file took 5 min to read from the cd.Sigh.... at least robocopy came to save the day. If only windows file copy was morelike that think of all the time it would save people.

anywhoo, remember to re-burn all your old CDs before its too late!

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Email Load Tester / SPAM Bot

So I was

working on a script to spam a fellow classmate in a recent email proxy class I was attending,  did some searching for a Email Load Tester and found thisguys script which uses netcat topass values onto port 25 with javascript. However for the class I needed more spamlike activity, so I added random characters to the subject and body. I also wantedto test out on servers that need auth, so I added a base64 encoder. The script isas user friendly as I could make it, commented here and there.

you can save this script down as a email.js and run with cscript aka 'cscript email.js'from command line.

Usual terms apply, this isn't for illegal activity, anything you damage or break isyour own fault and not the publisher of the code. Use at your own risk, blog ownerassumes no responsibility for your doings. May cause vomiting or bowl discomfort.If so then stop using code immediately and find a potty.

If you want multi threaded emails run more then one copy at once, I haven't had thetime or care to multi thread the script.

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Blog clean up month

I have started a clean up project, you will now notice on the left (currently) thereis a larger list of filtering options for all the posts I have, this way you can lookat specific areas that I post about. More important the “nerd” sectionno longer has 400 posts causing my web server to choke on server side processing.

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