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celeberty death

all this celeberty death lately… Now I dont care about celeberty death. dontget me wrong death is sad, but I dont care to follow the deaths of people I dont know.



'Infomercial King' Billy Mays Found Dead in Home


That actually makes me sad, long live the oxyclean commercials. or should I say LONGLIVE THE POWER OF OXYCLEAN COMMERCIALS.

intieresting fact, at his wedding he gave every guest a bottle of oxyclean.

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nothing new to blog about lately. life and the pursuit of happiness. mostly workingon the yard and house and truck.

The truck is running schwell and took it to ellensburg with no issues. Katie did recentlytry driving it and didnt let it warm up causing her to kill it on the road.

House… oh house… what fun that I will never (ever?) stop spending moneyon you. Went to get some things at home depot for fixing up little projects. 400 buckslater I got them done. Built a shed,took down the chimney. Mowed a bunch. Katie painted the front door red. Paid a bunchof bills.

I will be in PA next week for work, I do get to stop for a day in Chicago to visitFernando.

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worst news quote ever….

“‘TIS EASTER SUNDAY and it seems Microsoft is commemorating the resurrectionwith a little resurrecting of its own, dragging us away from our chocolate egg huntwith snooze, er, news that its talks with Yahoo are back on again.”

Source: TheInquirer

did I just read that the resurrection of christ was compared to microsoft and yahoo…

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So I went to london to enjoy some shitty food and the next thing I know I was takenBy Pirates! These Pirates wont let me go untill you pay them USD1’0000 Dollar.Please! Forgive you for not taking time to phone. Please send help ASAP dont callpolice they will might kill me dead!!!!!!!11!!!! YOu CAN paYpall the cash to KellyKeeton@….

Awesomenews story of wolves attacking prey with social enginering.

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stock market LOL’s

check out this site it makes me LOL

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OBAMA is a vote for HELL FIRE and Christ-Mass not X-Mass

Kate put up a blogpost, since I am more razor sharp and loud, on my opinions I thought I would alsoblog and comment on her post.

MODESTO, Calif. (AP) - A Roman Catholic priest has told parishionersthey should confess if they voted for Barack Obama because the president-elect supportsabortion.

Father Joseph Illo says his parishioners at St. Joseph's CatholicChurch in Modesto shouldn't risk losing their "state of grace" by receiving communionsacrilegiously. He delivered the message in a Nov. 21 letter and during mass.

In an interview this week with the Modesto Bee, Illo says he sent the letter because Catholic teaching requires that people go to confession when they commit a mortal sin.

During the 2008 campaign, many bishops told Catholic politicians and voters that abortion should be the most important consideration in deciding which candidate to back.

mortal sin? …

most important issue for a candidate!! …

what about being a president!?

…I guess when “N. Carpathia” comes to be president he will not be for abortion. Go Catholisizm WOW. (I did find a web page once of some HAM referring to B.O. as Carpathia – sigh)

…I guess they should also confess for the politicians they have in their pocket… well wait, I meant the politicians that lie steal and commit adultery, murder, sodomy, child-porn...

I thought only god was to decide mortal sin, its our job to try and not commit it.

crazy Catholics* you will need to confess if you buy a holiday bush and not a Christmas tree. or if you look at a email with the word X-Mass


In other holiday bush news Olympia just put up a non Christian/religious holiday sign this guy was a nut on TV however, I was impressed with King5 reporting. that they only reported people that had this to say, “I appreciate freedom of speech and freedom of access. That's why they're in there, and hey - you know, that's great” Im with that guy, No I don't agree with the nuts poster but I do agree he should get to have his view even if its crazy  after all we let Utah be Utah.

I do find it funny that they must be so anti religion that its a …religion. 

So in the end, pagen or atheist, or catholic or Christian. I will let you know that God has a plan for us all – You can choose to be with him or against him. Its your freedom. If you want help in the search I don't recommend the nut or the extreme catholic, I just recommend you give god a chance.

*to be fair not all catholics are crazy, only the ones who dont understand that god is the true power and not the church, not the pope, and you dont need a priest who has no sex to allow you to talk to god, you can do it in your own home, yard, barn, car, couch, bathtub, or hospital.

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Election 2008

I opened up my netflix flyer today and in the part with advertisement had a ad forCNN. The Ad read “Watch History Unfold” sheesh, those jackals will enterpriseon anything. I wonder how much Ad space will cost for election day coverage, in 4years will we have remembered the commercials of Nov4 past?

I will tell you my prediction for watch history unfolding…

My prediction, for election 2008 is that something “crazy” will happen.

  • Voter data scandal, the data for voters will be tampered with, stolen, lost etc etcetc
  • Voting means nothing, america will vote for B.O. but J.M. will become the presidentbecause of electoral vote process.
  • We see attacks on people voting

glass half full, but hey, prove me wrong america. I would be happy with that.

vote for me as a write in, I will make recess longer and pop cheaper

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amusing hack

this was an amusing news story aboutthe cd’s that were stolen in the EU a few weeks back. Clarkson (the funguy from top gear) publishedhis bank account numbers and someone stole money from him. ha.

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pull hydrogen from salt water with RF?!

this bit of news is interesting, they say they figured out how to shakethe hell out of saltwater and shake loose the hydrogen so that it can burn, but in the process it burns in open air at 3000deg F– nice. This is a crazy insane invention if its viable.

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political rant dated 71507

Comment from blog: SecurityMatters Wired Mag

This was a good post to read, Mr Schneier makes a very valid point here about howlife is mostly full of ‘BS’ about how a terror can happen everywhere. I personallyam getting tired of all this small crap like the ladywho had a baby bottle, I question how long until people just get fed up and stopwondering like cattle thru the gates of government.

Now you have a bunch of people “scared” about some brown man blowing up everything,to justify spendinganother dollar to prevent American's from having ‘the good old days’ – remember theday when we could bring our own booze onto a airplane so we didn't have to pay $10a shot?

sigh.. 10 years from now is gonna suck. some point the government controls ofthe EU make it just as much as a pain as here, ironic when people flee back.

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