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radio page updated

rather then update with all the new radio fun I will just link to the new photos andupdated pages with new info on my ham radio shack

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DE K7MHI on APRS no TNC just soundcard

so I started some projects to get working on all digital modes that I have not yettested and tried one of them was packet radio. mostly because I have no TNC and seeno huge reason to buy one.

I never saw much of a reason for APRS I don't want to publicly send my location out,but then I started goofing off with it. I'm hooked its so simple and fun to see whathams are in the parking lot I am in I just had to get more involved with it. Alsobeing that I am a self proclaimed digital master I couldn't just ignore the mass consumptionof APRS. I got the following software installed on my portable station laptop andstarted to run with it.

The Required Software TNC is available here thefile is AWGPE you just needthat zip file, I strongly suggest that you pay for this software at least the TNCpro version because its way cool and you didnt have to buy a real hardware TNC it also allows you to set up a virtual IP adaptor to connect your system directlyto a WAN over your radio port (cool!)

Also available from that site is the same authors AWGTracker applicationwhich will allow you to set up a APRS server that is directly connected to a localMicrosoftMapPoint so you can track local with no internet, it also connects up togoogle maps live. This application has real cool WX monitoring options and replayfor telemetry very cool

This software works great its especially great to get started in learning how to tuneand position the antenna for the packet RX since its all by the same author the applicationswork flawless together. Get started with that.

After I was looking into the applications some more one thing I didnt like was howthe AWGTracker would send the waypoints over to MicrosoftMapPoint it just didnt lookgreat. I then found this awesome application called APRSISCE/32 youcan get it from the yahoo group then after you get the up-to date copy you can enablethe developer downloads and get a copy that will work with AWGPE. This applicationis very cool, same stuff as AWGTracker minus the cool telemetry logging but I candownload open map files from the internet and cache them on the laptop, before I leaveI just download maps for the area I want to review and then I have a portable up todate quality map with tracking with no connection to the internet!

I have more post's later about this topic and how much more I got into it but fornow that kicks off my new digital mode and how to get started for free as well aswhat software to use to get started with it!

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I have been running WSPR thisevening and got some fun results, the lines are places that my radio contacted.



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HamRadio Gadget for Windows7 and Vista

I have created a gadget for looking up QRZ profiles and having a desktop view of propagationdata as well as sun spots etc. This is a very simple gadget but I find it very usefuland I hope you do as well, as of my blog post I had 380 downloads in 24 hours, notbad. Helps that QRZ considered it news!

If you like the application donate to N0NBH and QRZ as its their bandwidth your usingto make this tool happen for you.

This application has been checked on Windows7 beta/rtm and vista. Remember that onvista your limited to sidebar space in relation to screen resolution so your resultsmight vary.

If you have bugs or feature enhancements please let me know, the biggest feature Iam working on is a spotting or cluster gadget, just need to make it usable, fittingthings into a tiny window for all to read isn't easy!

HamRadioGadget (33.74 KB)

TheWindows Live! gallery page (slow to update code)
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K7MHI portable station finally on the air

I finally got my huge project done, its my portable shack in a box! has everything I need to go portable on the road, camping emergency etc.

Rather then spend time here go to the page

and check it out. way cool I am very proud of my handy work. the front panel thatwas custom made was awesome!

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passed the extra test!


soon to be VE with ARRL and W5YI

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Proper ALC Meter when Transmitting PSK or other digital modes


I have seen a lot of posts here and there about ALC meter with digital modes and theproper operating conditions, to show graphically what good ALC meter and operatingconditions are I have snapped this photo of my rig in transmit.

Mind you that this photo shows me at 100w PO output this isnt required and is subjectto your own operating conditions. but just showing that if you play with your soundcardoutput and your (in my case) rigblaster volume leveling that you can get a 0 ALC with100% output on power.

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Radio to the Doctor

My new 756 Pro3 is sick, the other day it rebooted then when I looked at the 12v DCplug it was all melted. Not cool. since the radio is only 2 months old I took it tothe doctor in Bellevue (Icom) hope to have it back. As the IC7000 is currently busyin a secret project I am working on.

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new shack photos

over at Ihave updated some pictures of my antenna and the new shack layout. I dont know whyI didnt do this before, as katie says “stacking things is a efficent use ofspace”


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First SSTV transmission ever!!

2009-09-10 031859 {20m} {Martin 2}

SSTV is when you transmitt images across the radio waves. its like Skype but witha lot less technology. I am super excited if you cant tell! If you notice my faceon the corner that is the image I sent him and how it looked. That is really good!

BTW that was to hawaii so all said that is a far way away. all I used was my radio,my computer and wire in the back yard in a tree for an antenna. We also had a smallchat, it was very cool.


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