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New Version of WebPower 1.20

New features are added to the WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher!

The biggest improvement is that I have added enhancements from the comments from Franck and Olli.

  • Updated the latch relays to be more user friendly, they now display only a single button and no - on/off text
  • updated the status page cache control with positive testing for me


the code is available at the main page WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher  ‎

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New Version of WebPower 1.10

New features are added to the WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher!

The biggest improvement is that I have added physical controls for the real world. The first is a analog sensor for monitoring voltages or more specific light sensor to monitor the presence of a LED that is indicating a device is powered on... this is specifically important for devices that use pulsed relays. I have built in the functions for two such sensors and disabled them by default.

The next feature was the ability to control the on-off functions manually when your next to the device.. I wanted something that would power on the devices in order. So if there is a boot up sequence I could turn on my radio gear quickly with out the use of a webpage. Pressing the On button multiple times will turn on each relay in order, note that if you have a pulse relay the current version isn't monitoring for that and thus will latch a pulse relay. I will correct this later, or you can workaround by simply putting that relay as your last relay and being careful not to latch it.

The off button will reverse of the on button, something like a rocker switch would work nice for this..

I do recommend using a pull-down resistors well as remember to shield the use of analog pins, test this in your environment. I used 10kOhm pull-down resistors to keep the pins quiet. This was some dirty code I put in a lazy debounce and I'm sure there is a better way.. if you have input let me know!

You can get the code back on the main page for this project.


Example of a Analog Sensor with a pull-down resistor (10Kohm for example)

Example of a Analog push button for the on/off switch with a pull-down resistor (10Kohm for example)


How SpotOn saved me from canceling Spotify

So I suckered into going legal by using Spotify, after lots of consideration of the iMatch in the iCloud I decided that I only want to stream music and not deal with storage on a device. I am tired of paying crazy prices for apples storage memory. 

So I chose Spotify, found a long free trial of premium, and love the ability to just search up (almost any) song I want. Then, also link to my home pc for music they just don't have yet. Whatever ... if you have a clue you have seen enough about this.

But here, at the end of my demo of Spotify... And I am not happy, two things 1) the Spotify radio isn't available in the iOS app. 2) the iOS app is not universal. Simple things if you ask me and it's a joke they don't simply solve them. Enough to make me dump it and go back to just using pandora.

Break from that for a moment...

I love pandora, I have used it for years and the most amazing thing about 3G is having pandora in my car. However, I seem to lately have ran pandora dry, the radio stations seem to be repetitive and I listened to all the music there is to listen to that I like. (nothing wrong with that) one thing about pandora I never liked is the penalty for skipping songs or FF/RW. 

Back to program... So I complained on the online Spotify support to get totally ignored (lame). Just today I saw this post about a app SpotOn it's a API that will run pandora like radio and use your premium account to play music. All from iOS. I hope someone sees this blog post because the only reason I didn't cancel Spotify this month is because of this app. Now I don't know how good it is with random new and loved music as its only 6 hours old and I have ran it on my iPad for 20 min while blabbering my thoughts here. So far it promises to please, playing random music - At least in this period. So another month of premium thanks only ... and solely to the creators of SpotOn



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Fix up your pc without me!

So the other day I was trying to remove windows update junk files and ran into this little application, slimcleaner. It's a rare, and functional nifty application. 
Not only will this do a rather awesome job at finding just about everything I can think of to remove that is temporarary. It will also look at everything you have and rate it for "community trustworthiness" very awesome.
If your pc is slow or just needs a sprucing up I highly recommend running this application and run everything on it that is "easy or normal user" if you see it report that you have risky software remove it!
One word of warning this software makes money with a partnership with other people when you install it they ask if you want to install AVG browser bar. Well I'm sure this is handy software please be aware this could slow you down and to decline the install of such software if your don't want it.


WSPR Disk Space Use and a cool disk use tool Space Sniffer to locate it.

So I was working with WSPR which is a propagation tool for HAM radio, I had just put my 80M loop back in the air and wondered what I could do with it at a better height. so I kicked up WSPR. After a few hours I noticed my disk space was getting full, having seen the tool on Scott’s blog called Space Sniffer I thought to check it out for this task. What an awesome tool! This is sort of like the KDirStat Project (WinDirStat) but a lot more “fancy”. Particularly it shows data in a better format I feel. So I then noticed something that WSPR was eating up 15GB of my hard disk! Yikes So I deleted all that mess, and back to testing my 80M station BTW if your wondering the data is wasted in this directory %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\save

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Console Emulator Applications

Japan version – lots of cool stuff like SSH and SCP and CYGN on the fly as well asreal slick record and play back

also found this version

what is cool about it .. it has a web front end.. so you can put a serial consoleon a webpage javascript and access a console via HTTP/browser interesting

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new update to phpVisitorBadge

there were some bugs that were plaguing the visitor badge application, finally satdown and fixed them. newcode is up on the page. If you are looking for a simple visitor badge system touse with a automated badge printer check it out.

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cisco VPN client and windows trouble shooting

Seems that the Cisco VPN client is alwayscausing issues. I found a cool page today about cleaning up and upgrading the DNEor Deterministic Network Adaptor. Basically this tool allows (cisco) to find out whichadaptor in your computer is currently attached to a network and not use the others.

so with out further..

make sure to take note of the winfix toolto clean up the existing DNE problems

And no this will not help with the CiscoVPN client and windows x64 bit issues. Cisco no longer supports the good old IPSECclient in 64 bit (actually no major vendor supports that) they have all gone to SSLVPN, in the case of Cisco you need to look at the AnyConnect Client. And no it wontconnect to the 3000 or 5000 VPN concentrators. You need to buy a new ASA 5500.

However never loose hope hascreated a client that will work for you, and if you landed here because you just cantget Cisco Client working.. use that one!

Other things to note that the AnyConnectClient isnt a GRE.IPSEC tunnel that means that if you use UDP your packets are convertedto TCP for the SSL protocol. If you care, Juniper SSL VPN technology is the best ofit all. The IVE or SSL appliances will connect with what they call AnyConnect it will try and use GRE first then fail back to SSL if it cant do it.

Happy Networking.


HamRadio Gadget for Windows7 and Vista

I have created a gadget for looking up QRZ profiles and having a desktop view of propagationdata as well as sun spots etc. This is a very simple gadget but I find it very usefuland I hope you do as well, as of my blog post I had 380 downloads in 24 hours, notbad. Helps that QRZ considered it news!

If you like the application donate to N0NBH and QRZ as its their bandwidth your usingto make this tool happen for you.

This application has been checked on Windows7 beta/rtm and vista. Remember that onvista your limited to sidebar space in relation to screen resolution so your resultsmight vary.

If you have bugs or feature enhancements please let me know, the biggest feature Iam working on is a spotting or cluster gadget, just need to make it usable, fittingthings into a tiny window for all to read isn't easy!

HamRadioGadget (33.74 KB)

TheWindows Live! gallery page (slow to update code)
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application updates

I have updated two recent projects.

phpVisitorBadge has beengiven a bit more code to make it Kiosk mode.

IRTnotepad wasupdated with some minor error checking and GUI fixes.

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