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I just found out that quickbasic is public domain. I learned to program with qbasic way back in grade school. Time to dig up some of my old programs, but I couldnt afford the version with the compiler.


FINALLY some games for the xbox 360

the following video games I'm excited for, you see all the nerds waiting for Halo3? well that game is nothing as to the hours of play time that I will get from the following, sorry katie.

Burnout Paradise thiswith my next entry is why I purchased a xbox back in the day, also one of a few gamesI have every played to the end. Replay value is 5 star. I CANT WAIT

TomClancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction also the only game titles I stick around toplay to the end, I love this series more then candy (well no not really) I CANT WAIT

Grand Theft Auto IV possiblythe best game series I have ever laid eyes on, Im old enough to tell right from wrong,but this game is so real that I can choose wrong. Take that you lady of the street'gimmie back my cash' sweeeet america I CANT WAIT

The Simpsons Game I reallyliked the GTA rip off of the Hit& Run game this game looks possibly the best thing ever, I am torn if theWii will have anything cool (I doubt it) but the Wii has a list of cool games on itsown. just watching all the commercials makes me want want want I CANT WAIT

thats $200 of video games in the next 6 months. bastards, time to break open the piggy.

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fgdump new version

I havent had time to post up about this, but there is a newversion of fgdump, this will dump the protected storage if possible, local LMtable and cachedump of any system you have admin rights to. This tool is the ifto-factotool for collecting data for pen-test stuff. The special thing about this tool isthat it will sneek past most AV tools so you dont need to kill them to audit. I alsorecommend downloading the source and compile on your own to even further protect againstAV messing this up.

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Chaosreader tcp trace tool

Chaosreader will take a tcpdumpstream and trace out and dump the clear text data, such as ftp, telnet, http, jpg,wave. Why is this interesting? well you can dump out a stream with tcpdump or wireshark andcollect the data for forensics or for snooping. This would be a great free alternativeto Network Observer by Network Instruments

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insteresting software package

Just saw an interesting software package today, called softwarefor starving students its a windows and osx installer for a bunch of pre-bundledopensource software. They have a nice menu that says things like “video editing”and will install opensource packages for video editing and multimedia. cool. So ifyour a student, want to learn or just want to play with new software go downloadthis package.

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multi boot laptop with encryption

Now that I have a multi boot with WindowsXP, Ubuntu, BackTrack2 security was an issue. First installed windows then used gaprtedboot disk to separate 3 primary and 1 expanded.  I have PGP watching windowsby expanding the drive (in PGP desktop) and clicking on the C: partition and encryptingthat. Then installing ubuntu in partition 2. Then using this guideto encrypt redirected /home to partition 3. the expanded disk was then used fora bootof BackTrack2 with this tip sheet and swap. So in the end I have all three OS'srunning with PGP login at boot, then grub, then OS. here is my grub

title           Microsoft WindowsXP Professional
root            (hd0,0)
chainloader     +1

title           Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.20-16-generic
root            (hd0,1)
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-16-genericroot=UUID=0dd29d80-088f-47c6-b8$
initrd          /boot/initrd.img-2.6.20-16-generic

title           BackTrack2
rootnoverify    (hd0,6)
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz vga=791root=/dev/sda7

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conference tools released

Theass-The-Hash tools from Defcon etc are being put out on the net. Specifically two tools that I have talked about (my posts about PassThe Hash and sidejacking) but didnt have code to. Pass-The-Hash,for windows has a toolkit out. As well as the sidejacking trickis also released. have phun.

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new blog post application

I just found an application called ScribeFire whichI configed as a MetaBlogAPI to the /blog/blogger.aspx in dasBlog and want to see howwell it works, This is to keep blogging from my laptop which I am using more and morethese days.

Powered by ScribeFire.

to get rid of that, you want to click the << on the left of the applicationnear the Bold button on the toolbar then uncheck it in the settings.

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The Best RDP managment tool ever hands down.

If you admin computers via RDP then you NEED this tool.  visionappRemote Desktop (vRD 1.4) this tool is crazy cool. likeVNC managment apps you can have a list of all your RDP servers. If you wanted youcan save your cridentials (dumb) and you can view all the sessions in Tab or QuickViewformat. this is a MUST HAVE TOOL. (you need to register to use)

also your list that you make you can backup and share with fellow IT.



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giant posters

this is a cool idea to make giant posters.


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