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a week on the east coast

I got stuck on the east coast for work last week. Here are the things NON work relatedI did.

Went to ValleyForge (transmitted ham radio form there)

Went to A Flyers Game (hockey)

Went to the Philadelphia Science Museum

Went to a NASCAR race

Went to the New Jersey Battle ship (transmitted hamradio on the ship using the ship antennas)

got lost in Jersey (in hoods white people dont belong in)

Of the trip the BEST was the Boat and NASCAR, the boat was amazing – simplyamazing. NASCAR was everything I hoped it would be, I just wish we had more time there.For a work trip it was a rather awesome vacation. Put 950 miles on the rental andgot only one infraction (oops now I have a point in PA). Ran over 1 dead raccoon 12times, spend $480 in reimbursable cash. 5 tanks of gas, 3 nights of ice-cream. 2 trafficbarrels destroyed. 1 cone, 6 “for sale” signs (it was awesome)

The look on daves face… priceless. (dave was my coworker who I terrified fora week)


here is a sign that was funny “thank you for participating in security”


NASCAR track, you see no cars because a blackberry cant snap a 200mph car in its shutter



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things left unspoken

bottom line, at the end of the day. I need the brass tax people

Edit: I do have one thing to say; dont work for this guy.

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back from portland

NCa just purchased a new company –  Networks.since I am the internal IT I went down to portland to network-up the offices and installa AD/Exchange box.

i went Tuesday night

So everything was going peechy (surprising well for what it entailed) and then BAMno email traversing from site to site via Exchange2000/SMTP well not bam but it wasa huge problem.

i got home to Seattle just to drive back Thursday morning…

So I broke down and after googeling everything about SMTP failed on site additionand extra exchange server SMTP failed. I gave up and called Microsoft. Thats a 245$phone call for those of you that are wondering.

So as time ticks apu is looking at my server. Then he says ah-ha (he really said that)and then asked do you use a PIX i was like yes i do. Then he said here

So i was like booooo-yea problem solved. now i just need to explain to my boss whyi spent 245 on a firewall problem when we have a dozen CISSP in house. great!

Apu was looking around for more bugs and fixed up some issues with Site Connectorsthen he said something that surprised me. He told me that in this particular caseMicrosoft was not to blame. and because i had set up the exchange environment theway it should be that he cant charge me since it was 3rd party. I was like OH YEABABY (seriously)

so then i went home.

yes i am a nerd, but i am very good at it.

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new blog in my blogrole

Danny a friend and co-worker just set up his blog Hisblog is mostly Security related things and knowing Danny it will get updated oncea month but lets see what he will do, i trust that with my trackback and google hitshe will get from it. Danny will one day be the top security blog dog.

Danny Security Related blog hascurrent patches security releases and vulnerability information. Find out about patchesand all other information for windows linux and network appliance and infrastructuregear.

there ya go Danny google keywords!

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first day new job

new job and whew, i am pooped. There is so much.

here is something to think about today, if you dont know the site wellhere is your new friend. they prank things. this time they prank the people i hate,the RIAA

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change of wind

Today is my last day at Corbis, I will be leaving to work for a consultingfirm in bellevue after five years its a change.

Pictures of the evening

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Corbis 2005 Halloween party

The pictures from lastnights Halloween party are on line …yea crazy time

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How to get Windows 2003 Working on a HP Integrity Server

So your company just dumped a new HP Integrity 64–Bit Server rx7620in your lap and said getthis working yesterday? well thats not as easy as I thought. First off it needspower. According to the white page 12a a line cord at 4(12) we are actually eatingpower! So read the PrepGuide its handy then when you gotta put the 250lb server in a rack this isSuper handy installGuide. Note that the whole line of servers has the same documentation for itsindividual model. I found it by selecting my server from HP site then clicking onthe self-help resources and the manuals link

64 Bit Madness So here are some pointers to settingup a HP Itanium with the EFI / SCI after you read the setupguide you will have a uhh what now question like I did. Thanks HP for here is some tricks to keep you from my delays.

  • first have a laptop or dummy server handy to run a COM cable to its prolly not possibleto have a remote COM session so just best to have a laptop or something handy. Thenyou can set the IP for the telnet to the MP after thats done. or leave the dummyserver to do your dirty work.
  • TTY with VT-UTF8 emulation
  •  login of (Admin/Admin or Oper/Oper first time default) to getback to the MP for example get to the EFI and press CTL+B <–remember that
  • edityour cells/partitions from theMP -make sure your COM port is pluged into the master or MP (lit up with a LED)
  • once you get in you will see Server2003 Boot, then you want to access the SCI interface
  • run the command ‘ch’ to list your channels then run the command ‘ch-si #’ to connect to the Unattended Setup for Windows or ‘ch -?’
  • finish windows setup -reboot
  • go back into the SCI and login then type ‘CMD’ this maps a command promptto a channel
  • follow the step to connect to a channel and connect to the server command line
  • then set your IP ifneeded or find out what dhcp did with Netsh
  • connect via RDP
  • allow the HP scripts to run
  • rename/domain/whatever your new $100k server!

Consider this HP makes a Video/USB card that will allow a local console so that youcan use a keyboard and mouse and monitor just like every other non Linux hardwareout there. (damn command line nerds) its the part number A6869A or get a ILO card

More handy notes

  • if your dont see the boot DVD/CD go into the EFI config and edit the boot menu toallow booting DVD (add the scsi device)
  • server is preloaded with 2003 to reinstall download the newest SmartSetup thenboot it for OS install
  • the HP docs are good to get you thru OS install
  • remember its x64 so things like your DOS boot disk and ghost wont work but RIS03 will!

* netsh command is as follows for a example

netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection"static 1

How to use the nparcommands toEdit the Partitions

  • downloadthe tools for 32 or 64 bit
  • if your on a external host remember to add the -u -p -i (username password Ip address)options to your command line
  • if your local you jsut run thecommands
  • figure out what your up to with the ‘parstatus’ justrun that and print to screen or a file for your managment
  • delete the partition you dont want ‘parremove -p2’
  • modify the partition you do want to add the cell you jsut deleted ‘parmodify -p2 -a 0/5:base:y:ri’
  • power off the cells then powerthem on with the PE command
  • check your new config with parstatus see if you did good>
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sad day at work

Jon made me sad today.  :-S just when i was walking on sunshine, he hands me a cloud

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yikes part 2

interesting day for random links.

Mice can now be R/C mice thisis fun, also this is a laboratory ihope to work for one day

another day of 14 hour work, thats 28 hours worked in 48, whats wrong with this picture?

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