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K7MHI HAM Radio Shack

Here's a little info about K7MHI


I work a lot of contests unofficially (I don't mail in logs) as well as DX Cluster Spotting. You will find me hanging out on HF  PSK31 calling frequency's 7.035-7.070 and 20m 14.070. I don't do much local VHF Local repeaters NB7N, K7LED and N7SNO are my primary local repeaters you can find me on. Additionally I run a 24/7 Packet station on NET104 (14.104usb) and local VHF 145.05. I attend the local 145.05 packet radio net at 2130 PST every Tuesday.

Additionally I work with the Tacoma Amateur Radio Club holding the call sign K7SEX

I QSL 100% Direct, LoTW and, I prefer direct or LoTW for obvious reasons. Please send Direct when Possible I enjoy cards and have a nice full color glossy to send you! SAE please .


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  1. Very nice “Shack in a box”. I have been thinking of doing something for portable and your photos gave me some good ideas. Also have IC-7000, right now 100% cw, always been mike-shy.
    Nice website.
    73, Tim N6TH

  2. Got your URL from 145.05 and connected to your node. I was hoping to chat with someone on packet. Hope to catch you sometime on HF.

    73, CE Gene Matthews

    • Gene, great to hear from you – yes my packet nodes are loud and proud. Tuesday Nights at 2030PST we have a packet-net connect to NOTAC (north tacoma, so point south) and when your in the BBS type ‘talk’.

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