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Here's a little info about the K7MHI/p Project

  • One of my favorite parts of amature radio is taking my Rig on the go. Recently I have traveled to the east coast with my portable station mind you not in this case, but in a carry-on on the airplaine. This page is to show the equipment and manner in which I use my portable rig in the feild, camping, staying at relatives etc.

    The Rig can be powered by AC or DC. Has full operating position for Digital and Phone Modes. Tuner for the HF bands and a Uniden Trunking radio for LE monitoring. The laptop has software for echolink, all digital modes with DM780 as well as logging. Dual soundcards for HF-Digital Voice. Homebuilt cooling system to keep the IC7000 well under operating tempatures. As well as ample storage for all the gear to run the gear!
  • It took about $50.00 worth of parts in various hardware and screws and things to finish off the case. The case was free and I allready owned all the hardware but the power supply. Construction took about 35 hours, suprisingly I was able to use a very large ammount of parts I had around the shack and QTH for construction! In the end I am very proud of this case it is very well built and while not 100% enviroment or shock proof. Will safely transport all equipment where ever I might go.

Equipment and storae in the kit consists of:

  • Case
    • Anvil Case Custom Built for a VOIP Telephone system demo kit, Free to me after my employer end of lifed the kit! (yahoo)
    • Custom Built Thermo-Controller for muffin fan for case cooling
    • Custom Built Switch Panel for AC and Inverter disconnect by http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/
  • Power Supply
    • Alinco DM-330MV 35w fed by AC connection in the rear of the kit or DC fed from the front
    • West Mountian Radio PWRgate PG40S
    • MFJ Battery Booster MFJ-4416B
    • SIMA SPV-1 Inverter for DC operations of laptop
  • RIGS:
    • Icom 7000 --- All-band/multi-mode receiver used in my Portable and Remote Stations
      • RigBlaster PNP
    • Yeasu VX-7R with spare battery
    • Dell Latitude 5xx series Laptop
      • Aux SoundCard Diamond USB 2channel sound card
    • Uniden BCT-15 Trunking radio
  • HF Tuner:
    • LDG AT-100
  • HF Antennas:
    • SuperAntenna M1 (portable station) with additional Custom Built Ground Radial system
    • 4:1 Balun and a 1:1 Balun for multiple configurations in the feild
    • 1 50ft 1 12ft Coax with varios adaptors for all radios and connections
  • 2m/70cm & General recieve
    • MR77Dual band Diamond Antenna
    • Generic MagMount 800MHZ antenna
  • Additional Items
    • 2x Nokia HFS-12 Speakers
    • Quick Guide for IC-7000
    • Uniden Programming cable
    • 20ft Power extention cord
    • Headphones and Mic
    • USB Mouse
    • Electrical Tape
    • Flashlight
    • 2m/440 RF/SWR Meter
    • HF SWR/RF Meter
  • Software
    • Rig Control and HF digital modes: HRD 5.0 Beta with DM780
    • Software Repeater: EchoStation (as well as autopatch and DTMF control)
    • Rig VOIP Connectivity: EchoLink
    • Utility Mode Decoder: SkySweeper
    • Uniden Controllers: FreeScan, Butel, bcTool for monitoring with PC
    • IC-7000 Memory managment: Ice Comm
    • Offline FCC database: QRZ Software CD
    • VX7 Software: VX-7 Commander
    • ARRL Antenna book with antenna software

This view is the front close up, each radio and antenna and power hook-up. A full station desk!

This view is the guts of the case, the laptop desk, lid is also up, the storage unit is removed.

This view is the guts with the storage and all the junk in the case loaded up! (laptop lid up)

This view is a close up of the power area and custom cooling unit I built.

Here is the case all ready to go, normally I also pack the deep-cycle on top its as portable as luggage!


You will find me hanging out on HF  PSK31 calling frequency's 7.035-7.070 and 20m 14.070. Local repeaters K7LED and N7SNO are my primary local repeaters you can find me on. 


I QSL 100%  Direct, LoTW and eQSL.cc, I prefer direct or LoTW for obvious reasons. I will return QSL as soon as I have cash for postage and all digital methods will be uploaded after 3-5 QSO's are addedd to the logs. Please send Direct when Possible I enjoy cards and have a nice full color glossy to send you! SASE are not required .



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