This page has photos as my Ham Shack grows with me - hope you enjoy!
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<havent taken a new photo yet shack is literally being built still>
Current Shack Setup, went with more ergonomic operating position for all equipment - this also has my new Palstar tuner (no more MFJ in the shack!)

When we moved into the new house, this was my shack. After time family grew and we build a garage so moved there, this was my bedroom shack however.

Here is my shack with new amp!

New operating position and Shack!

Early Shack Photo with new radio!!

new house new shack! with the TS-520

First ever "shack" this was after I got my first VHF radio the rest of the gear is RX gear, back when I ran the rigblaster on VHF FM to learn digital modes with my dad

Views of my primary antenna I call it the K7MHI dual band Digital

my first ever SSLTV QSO