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Tower Project of 2011/2012

    I started the tower in august of 2011, I got the used tower from my neighbor for a good price. We have no information about it but assuming from scowering the web for photos. It matches the Delhi-48 (now Wade DMX) The antenna to be placed on top is a Force-12 C3 I recieved from a SK (AA7ST-SK) . Ideally some day it will be replaced with a quad for 40,20 etc but eh ...it is what it is today. Also using the Alliance HD-73 rotator from the old antenna (again keeping it cheap)

    Antenna placment in the yard was approved with the XYL and the hole started by my mom KC7RWI - Final dimentions were 3x3x4 a little over a yard of concerete. as you can see I used galvinized fence and some rebar to add some strength to the outside cage.

    In total it was 48 bags of 80# concrete on the pallet, used the basic sacrete stuff.

Antenna base we invented, I didnt want to just use concrete J hooks. Bob W7LRD my master welder and OM-Elmer assisted with some fabrication.

Antenna tower first section was left on for allignment, I didnt want it to touch the deck - also figured I would get better level marking if I leveled 8FT up from the base.

Ready to start the mix, Bob recently purchased a mixer off craigs list for $50 for his tower project, we could not have done this with out it!

Messy job but here is the almost finished product!

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