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Tower Project of 2011/2012

  So  from the pouring of the base of the antenna, I had my first child Max. Well as YM go they tent to slow things down a bit, priority's were shifted and my project was put on hold for about a year.  This is where we pick up. I had a tower that I dont think was safe to climb, also something that I am too big to climb. So I got the idea to rent a "man-lift" spicifically a genie 45ft  unit. Cost was very acceptable given the security and safty it gave me and the family.

antenna assembled

inital testing

the first project was to make sure this 25 year old antenna still was all there and working. 10ft up and I had 1:1 SWR on 20m, good enough for me! this was also the first rotor and thrust  bearing full check with weight of the system. better here then 50 ft up!


most important my helpers for the big day, the Bob's my dad  K7MHJ and Bob W7LRD

antenna hoist

after that came a winderfull weather day in the middle of fall, and you can see here how stressfull this ordeal was. took about 4 hours total to put the top section of the tower up, and the antenna.

up hight1up high 2

easy, I dont know whhy people say this is hard or dangerous! it was cold however.

up tower shot

the mandatory photo

all antenna

all of them in one photo!  80m loop, 40/20/15 dipole, 20/15/10/12/17 boom, 2/70cm vertical, 2/70cm beam, discone(for general rx)  and my  son and wife hidden in the window!

all done

Here is hopeing that there is no part three (tower down) in tehe future!


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