Kelly Keeton, Senior Consultant 

 I have been in computer security and IT and technology since 1990 with experience in high level network and systems management, deployment, and security administration and architecture on a world wide enterprise scale. With a focus on security. I have been a public speaker and educator in private sector. Additionally I am experienced in the following areas; ISO 27001 policy, standard, procedure and technical deployments, technical documentation, security incident response (virus code analysis and recovery, internal employee threats and removal, forensic analysis, etc.), enterprise datacenter network administration, and various other technical control deployments such as; firewall, mail and web gateways, VPN and encryption. Experience with most programming languages. Single Board Computer hardware development, software development and delivery on enterprise scale. Industrial machine, automation and integration with existing and future technology and repair. PCB repair and restoration. Arcade/Entertainment Game Industry, repair and restoration.

I have a wide range of specialized solutions that I feel are best of breed in the market place today. I also love to pass my knowledge and skills off to others

I love this career and the fast pace of IT, technology and Security, I enjoy having fun with our customers in trying to solve complex problems and implement new and exciting solutions.