STEM STEAM Science for Kids

Submitted by kelly on Fri, 02/18/2022 - 15:19

STEM/STEAM Ideas to give fellow parents ideas for science related learning.

Items that are worth having around:

  • Cheap Microscope
  • Cheap magnifying viewer with SD-Card
  • Art Supplies and Books for coloring this is easy to find on amazon

Lego Mindstorms

Lego and the SPIKE/ Mindstorms hands on learning and logic programing and physics/motion.

Starts with Scratch and moves to Sketch and then uPython which is very approachable language and details on the-lego-learning-system

Osmo Learning Tools

The Osmo system is a good alternative to school programs for reading, math, programming, physics. look for the hardware used as its reuseable to save cash.

Kiwi Crates

This company provides all age ranges of kits and ideas for monthly or one time projects

Computers and IT

RaspberryPi is a powerfull PC and worth learning its use to learn linux etc.

Virtual machines and spinning up copies of windows server etc

Shopping Ideas

The following is a little list of boutique suppliers of toys and stuff