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nerd dad domain fun

What better way to be a nerd dad then to purchase domain names for your whole family?

So that takes care of that!


Keeton Squared

Welcome to the world, Blog Molly, Molly Blog. Now who is who here?!

max Molly


And the family photo, sprinkles with a rare "allow the boy to pet me" to be fair it was like 85F so the cat was too hot to move.


WebPower an Arduino-Webduino Relay Switcher

In a quest to operate my ham radio shack remotely, one thing I needed to accomplish was remote power for various devices. I have looked into multiple solutions however they are expensive and normally don't fit the bill just as I need them to. My requirements for this project..
1) Cheap, 2) Easy, 3) Flexible

I had a few spare Arduino

's sitting around with a few EthernetPiggy
boards. So thats the cheap part, priced out on ebay for $20 you can pick up the pair of boards from China, double check! Additionally I looked into some of the pre-made units. For example West Mountian Radios Rigrunner. Real nice unit, but the price is a little hot and with a limit of four ports and 40A on the DC circuit I am a bit limited in flexibility. Then you have the AC only version, the web power switch Also the most affordable way to go about it I have found. Same with the OpenSource Hardware ProjectWebPower Strip, however the quality manufactured version is highly preferred to this messy looking thing.

So back to the Arduino, I had it here in a junk box, I also had some 2-Channel Relay boards.. that are Optioisoloated real nice units. sitting in the junk box (more on why this is cool later)

After some toying around I came to the conclusion that the Webduino Library was the best for the situation, allowing POST and Auth with no effort from myself. About 30 hours of programming later, some help from jQuery.. I have a version 1.0!.

WebPower Screenshot


Max’s First Ham Radio!

I found this old General Radio 1001-A Signal Generator at the Mike and Key Swap, got it for $10 bucks. With the idea of making Max a radio to play with. It turned out perfect. I made all the knobs potentiometers so that it makes the needle swing all over. And the switch turns on the red light. I have future plans to add a simple audio tone generator and use the dial to adjust the tone. Additional add-on features are actually hooking the microphone into a FRS radio so he has a base station to call mommy from!


Baby2 Meet the Internet

no idea what you are yet..

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HRD 6.0 and Windows8

With new HRD software came the decision to buy a new computer update from XP on the shack computer to windows8. It was quite a jump in technology laziness was the main factor but with a new PC the whole things was updated. First computer I purchased in 8 years. Its sweet. I actually like windows8 the "app store" is more like a crap store. But you dont need to use any "apps". Everything is working perfect I am even running my shack without a serial port (shock)

Intel i3-3.3 with 4500 video, 8GB ram, fancy hard disk, windows8, Rigblaster Advantage, IC756P3 (today) - point and click QSO!

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K7MHI has a Tower and Beam!

Whew.. what a lot of work! after a lot of help and planning, the antenna project is done! Tower up Antenna up.. lets hope that's the last of it!

You can see full detailed info and photos of the tower install here, and of the antenna install here.

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New Antenna Almost in the air!

So its been a long time dream in the works for every ham operator to get a tower in the air. With great cost, I ended up with an antenna from AA7ST-SK. This combined with a tower from my neighbor W7LRD. Brings me to today.. The dry run testing of everything connected on the ground!

Antenna rotor is working awesome, SWR is awesome, all systems go! this weekend I have a man lift on order to put everything on line! and 50ft up!

full details here on the tower project

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New Ham Shack and Garage!

After a lot of work, we have a new garage! this is also my new ham shack! I added a carport to keep the truck dry as well! yahoo!

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ICOM 756ProIII Memory Keyer

So I have been wanting to do this for a while and finally got around to it. I have long looked at the I-Mate but never wanted the price for what it did. So I went about hacking up my own interface and here it is!

K7MHI Button Box for ICOM 756 Pro3

The button box has memory keys for contesting as well as a PTT button, frequency up and down buttons, and the switch is to disconnect the MIC from my Heil ProSet Plus, I do this because I run my Rigblaster Advantage directly to the rear accessory port so I don't need to mess with things going digital. However using that port opens the mic on the front jack... this was my workaround!


Schematics pulled from the ICOM manual page 18 and 104

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