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Kelly Keeton Resume

Kelly Keeton, Senior Security Engineering Consultant

 I have been in computer security and IT for over 16 years with experience in network and systems management, deployment, and security administration. With a focus on security auditing, I am a frequent public speaker with local law enforcement agencies on hacking, social engineering and physical security exploits. Additionally I am experienced in the following areas; ISO 27001 policy, standard, procedure and technical deployments,  security incident response (virus code analysis and recovery, internal employee threats and removal, forensic analysis, etc.), enterprise datacenter network administration, and various other technical control deployments such as; firewall, mail and web gateways, VPN and encryption.

I started out with the help desk at a 10k+ employee company. Shortly after that I got hired as a Help Desk employee at another 1k+ employee technology company where I later went to facilitating operations for global help desk. After a few years in end user support I moved to the SA/SE side of the house running a 99.999% uptime website and supporting infrastructure. I was highly involved with Security solutions and backup/NAS/SAN.  I was also highly involved in the planning and build out of an enterprise class datacenter and working with early adoption virtual systems.  I had also designed and developed the physical security systems with the organization, as well as the technical security systems for endpoint protection.

I took a position at with my current organization several years ago when I wanted to focus primarily on security solutions in technology; my passion is physical security solutions, and incident response. I focus primarily on firewall, authentication, remote access, and one-off specialized solutions that I feel are best of breed in the market place today. I also love to pass my knowledge and skills off to others, which also landed me a trainer position in my current roll, where I teach a multitude of topics.

I love this career and the fast pace of IT and Security, I enjoy having fun with our customers in trying to solve complex problems and implement new and exciting hardware to keep the hooligans of the internet out.