This tool will convert the Sentinel data files into a user friendly reference table.

This was created to have printable lists and reference documents to aid in the field use of the new Uniden BCDx36HP scanners. This was tested with Sentinel 1.02 data files, let me know if it works with the HP1 or other Uniden systems. This tool also was primarily tested with Google Chrome

To use this tool

I have more detailed help here if your stuck.

You must have Uniden Sentinel installed and functioning with Favorite Lists configured. After you have configured at least one Favorite List in Sentinel, the following directory (shown is an example only) will be populated with data files.

ZIP-up the files in C:\Users\-username-\Documents\Uniden\BCDx36HP\FavoriteLists
This Directory has multiple files like *.cfg and *.HPD (this app uses them all)
In windows 7/8 This would be "%userprofile%\Documents\Uniden\BCDx36HP\FavoriteLists"

Using a simple archive application like 7Zip or the compress right click menu option in windows.

Once you have a zip file containing the contents of that folder, upload to this tool. You can run reporting on the file.

Here is an example of what the tool can do.

Beta Tool

This tool is still in early development, I have done my best to remove any errors. If you find any or have ideas on how to make the reporting better. Or if you want a different type of report drop me a line. Also should note!! I host with go-daddy its not fast or 100% responsive but its cheap.

Current Beta Code To-Do List

+make it printer friendly in code
+ Ability to drop columns on the view
+sort order options
+clean up CSS display view